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Family Mediation Process

Child Focused Separation is never easy, but the family mediation process provides an alternative to legal action for those struggling to settle custody issues At Bayside Mediation, we invest in helping clients resolve disputes by minimising tension and focusing on the well-being of the child We... ... read more.

Child Custody

Approach Disputes on Neutral Ground and Professional Aid When members of a family must come to terms with the difficult questions that surround child custody disagreements, emotions can run high and what is truly the best way forward can become lost in the mix In practically every scenario,... ... read more.

Child Focused Resolution Centre

A Offers an Alternative to Lawyers If you and your partner are considering a separation, you may be looking for a When it comes to making decisions regarding parental responsibility and rights, many parents are not aware of their children’s real feelings and thoughts Having the opportunity to... ... read more.

Parenting Arrangements

Experienced Mediators Helping with A family dispute resolution practitioner can assist with negotiating parenting arrangements and make the process smoother Our company employs a host of experienced and accredited mediators and psychologists who help separating couples to find a parenting plan... ... read more.

Property Mediation Services Melbourne

Finding Solutions with Property Mediation Services in Melbourne We provide property mediation services in Melbourne to help separating couples find the best outcome for their situation Our services are facilitated by trained and experienced staff We offer solicitor assisted mediation for complex... ... read more.