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Why Mediate? Don’t Litigate

You decide what’s best for you and your family in Family Law Mediation – not lawyers or a judge. Be heard, have your issues addressed, negotiate, and explore your options. You determine your own agreements with our help.

Family Dispute Resolution costs a fraction of what it costs to use lawyers or to go to Court. More than 80% of our clients reach agreement without litigation. However, should you need to engage a lawyer you can, and we can also offer Lawyer Assisted mediation.

Family Dispute Mediation can help you resolve both your children’s and financial matters in weeks or months. Currently, it takes up to two years for a children’s matters in Melbourne’s Family Law Court and three and a half years for a financial matter to reach a final hearing date.

Family Law Mediation is a requirement of the Family Law Act. Even if you want to go to Court, you will need to mediate before your matter is heard by a Judge. And if you need to go to Court for a Children’s Matter, you may need a 60(I) Certificate. Only Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioners can issue a 60(I).

What happens if your former partner initiates mediation and you refuse to attend? The FDR practitioner could issue a 60(I) Certificate that will indicate you refused to attend; a costs order may then be made against you. Similarly, if you attend family law mediation, and you do not make a ‘genuine effort’ to resolve your dispute, the practitioner can issue. And again, you could be ordered to pay your ex-partners legal costs.

Whilst litigation often entrenches conflict and can destroy goodwill, Family Dispute Resolution does not. Family Dispute Mediation encourages respectful communication, supported negotiations and for parents to stay focused on the wellbeing of any children of the relationship. Conflict only benefits those who profit from it.

What We Do

Family Dispute Mediation (Mediation for families). is a legal alternative to using solicitors when you separate. We support, inform and guide you both; we don’t take sides.

Parenting Arrangements

One of our qualified and experienced Family Law Mediation Practitioners can work with you to help you agree on a Parenting Plan that works for your family. Whether you are newly separated, have some long-standing disagreement or an urgent issue, mediation is the first place to start the conversation.

Financial & Property Settlements

Did you know your agreement must satisfy the requirements of the Family Law Act? Many people don’t. Family Dispute Resolution can provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about your financial future. We can also help you draft Consent Orders, ensuring your agreement is binding.


Family Law Mediation provides a safe space to negotiate your parenting arrangements, keeping your children’s wellbeing at the centre of the conversations. We also offer Child Inclusive Mediation. A ground-breaking process that keeps children safe, but at the same time gives them a voice is their family’s separation.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is a specialist area of family mediation. FDR practitioners have undertaken extra training and attained further qualifications such as a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution and NMAS registration. FDR practitioners must have a current registration with the Australian Attorney Generals Department, only then can they mediate family law matters.

Our Process

From Separation to Settlement – Find Out What You Don’t Know


Call now and speak to a qualified Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner. Schedule your 30-minute free consultation either on the phone or at our office.  The practitioner who takes your call will work with you until you have reached agreement.


Your intake session, this is where we hear your side of the story. We also provide you with information and resources to help you understand the family law process. An intake interview is a confidential meeting; we only share information if we have your written permission to do so.


Once we have met with you (party one), we reach out and connect with your former partner (party two) and invite them into the process, to hear their side of the story.


We mediate. Parenting arrangements are often the most pressing, so we usually negotiate your access arrangements first. If we are also mediating your property settlement, we will schedule another session to focus on financials. No matter how amicable you are, it is never a good idea to try and do both in the one session. To help the process, we have purpose-built practice rooms and can offer Shuttle Mediation (separate rooms). Video or telephone mediation, our priority is to keep you both feeling safe and supported


When  you or your ex partner reach an agreement everything you both agree on will be documented on a whiteboard. That agreement will be printed out; you will be asked to sign it, it is then your ‘in principle legal document’ similar to a ‘heads of agreement’.  A Parenting Plan is what we produce in mediation that focuses on parental access for children. In a financial mediation, once an agreement has been reached, we can help formalise that agreement, by drafting Consent Orders. That document can then be submitted to the Family Court, ensuring your agreement is binding.


Welcomed with kindness, understanding and genuine care for all to work to an amicable agreement where children are included. Couldn’t recommend this service highly enough and could not be more grateful for the time and attention to individual needs. Google Reviews

Kylie Prestwich

I have sent you a few clients recently and wanted to send you some positive feedback. The clients I have referred to you have felt heard, understood and supported (within reason) and I am grateful for your assistance.

Senior Associate C&T, LS Lawyers

Thank you Alina for today. You have no idea how much you have helped me so far. And I am sure it’s the same for Neethu, she probably don’t realise it yet. Thank you for being genuine and going out of your way to help us. Appreciate it. Worth every penny.

And thank god for choosing child inclusive program. Otherwise we wouldn’t have known the things we learned today about Aman. Anyways a big thank you. Jam

Jamsheed Ali

We thank you for your letter. Your comments in respect of the Husband are noted, and we are pleased to inform you that we have today received an offer of settlement from his lawyers — a positive step indeed. We thank you for your assistance in this matter and will certainly refer you to any of our clients who are seeking to attend mediation before attempting to reach agreement through legal means.


Its worth every cent, speaking with Alina to make a scheduled roster for the shared care of our children was not an easy process but thanks to the help if a professional mediator we could finally come to an agreement. Definitely recommended if you can afford it over the public system…. and if you cant start saving. What price would you put on your mental and physical well being? Google Reviews

Sinead O’Neill

Even though my situation is a very difficult one and we didn’t end up with a successful mediation, I found the process of mediation very helpful. I now understand how access and family law works; our mediator gave me some strategies for dealing with my ex and in the end, I know I have done all I can for my kids.


Dianne worked with us to sort through what was important and helped us put together a Parenting Plan that we both agreed with. It wasn’t easy and we both had to compromise; but in the end, we have an agreement that puts our children’s needs first.  Thank you so much 


Dianne is warm and approachable. She is thoroughly professional and fantastic at “de-jargonising” all aspects of the law which apply to property settlement, ensuring that both parties are reassured with a full understanding of the process. She has a gift for making sure each party feels heard in a safe, unbiased arena and keeping negotiations on track.