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What is FDR Mediation?

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner is a specialist in Family Law Mediation. They support couples through a non-adversarial, mediated resolution to their parenting and property disputes when they separate. Each of our mediators is a highly trained, skilled professional, comfortable in dealing with high conflict situations.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is often referred to as “Family Law Mediation”. This should be your first contact when you are considering separation or divorce; you don’t have to go straight to a solicitor. At Bayside Mediation, a Family Dispute Resolution Specialist will help you understand your rights and obligations in relation to Family Law in Australia.

Each Family Dispute Resolution Specialist is registered with the Attorney General’s Department of the Federal Government, and is able help with any area of Family Law, not just mediation. This is because they have studied units of Family Law in order to achieve their Graduate Diploma, and have an excellent working knowledge of the Family Law Act. They will also advise should they think you need to seek legal representation.

Why Bayside Mediation Melbourne is a better option for Family Dispute Resolution

Our process (unlike the family court) is completely confidential. A registered Family Dispute Resolution Specialist cannot share any information you give them with anyone, not even your solicitor, unless you give them written permission.

We must remain impartial at all times, we don’t take sides. We manage conversations and encourage respectful mediation and negotiations.

We are required by law to advocate for the best interest of the children of the relationship, unlike solicitors who must act in the best interests of their client.

Our process in non-adversarial, we encourage clients to resolve their differences and to focus on the best interests of their children.

Our process is driven by our clients – your time lines, your needs, your commitments. We work with you to provide a service that works for your family.

We can finalise a separation, both child access arrangements and property settlements, within weeks (not months!) of our services being engaged.

We cost many thousands of dollars less than using solicitors.

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The Advantages of FDR Mediation

You stay in control of decisions regarding your children and assets – by working with a Family Dispute Resolution Expert in Melbourne rather than solicitors, YOU make all the decisions.

You save money – mediation fees are a fraction of legal fees. Think you need legal advice? Try Bayside Mediation first! The matter may be resolved by mediation and if not, you will have all the relevant information to brief your solicitor (it is much cheaper to do financial discovery through mediation than through solicitors).

You save time – family law mediation at Bayside Mediation can achieve outcomes within weeks.

You set up a healthy co-parenting relationship with your former partner – mediation is a conciliatory process focused on the best interests of your children.

When is a Good Time for Mediation?

As soon as you have decided to separate.

When you think you need legal advice regarding parenting or financial arrangements – speak to us first!

If you have already agreed upon the terms of a financial settlement and need help with making your agreement legally binding (we help you do this yourself).

If you have been separated for a while and need to review parenting arrangements or the payment or receipt of expenses relating to the children.
Any time you need help and support with parenting or financial arrangements as a result of your separation.

If you want to know what your rights and obligations are under the Family Law Act, if you need to negotiate a Parenting Plan or a Financial Settlement; if there is an issue you and your former partner just can’t get past? Then you need a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners at Bayside Mediation Melbourne.

Contact us for a different approach.

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What to Know About Visiting a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Sometimes, families face circumstances that are so challenging that navigating them independently becomes impossible, and the use of a family dispute resolution expert may be the ideal choice. Not only a required step before turning to the courts for a remedy under the Family Law Act, but private mediation also offers the opportunity to set aside any ongoing animus between parents in favour of seeking fair outcomes all parties can accept. At Bayside Mediation, we provide a reliable choice that comes with a less burdensome price tag and access to an accredited family dispute resolution practitioners in Melbourne.

What Sets Bayside Mediation Apart in Private Family Mediation?

Choosing to explore the potential solutions to be found through mediation can help to make a stressful situation more bearable. When you may even no longer understand the crux of a disagreement, a neutral third party can provide the perspective you require. Our services stand out because we offer:

  • An independent viewpoint to aid in reaching satisfactory, mutually agreeable conclusions, but we also proactively advocate for any children involved in the situation. In fact, we believe our emphasis on children’s needs is among the most critical efforts we undertake. Children have all the rights under the Family Law Act, unfortunately however often their needs and requirements fall through the cracks when parents cannot come to a resolution. We understand how to ensure that does not happen when all parties accept mediation.
  • Access to comfortable, safe premises with mediation suites designed and built for that specific purpose.
  • Faster turnaround times for intake consultations, initial appointments, and future mediation sessions, so your family can seek resolutions without allowing time to deepen divisions.

By helping couples to articulate their points of view fairly and without providing the final word ourselves, we can help you make your own agreements.

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Prepare for Your Visit to Bayside Mediation

To make the most of these efforts, it is important to understand what to expect and what you will experience during the mediation process. Use these tips to ensure you are ready:

  • Understand what the process involves before you begin. Explore answers to our most frequently asked questions and browse our other materials for a broader sense of what private family mediation in Bayside entails.
  • Prepare yourself to have open, honest conversations and to be receptive to the process. You must be willing to see points of view besides your own and to engage honestly with the mediation process where everyone is on the same level.
  • Review our resources. These include documents to help you understand child-inclusive mediation, what it is, and how it can help; information about why mediators can be a useful resource; and legal information, e.g. explanations of the law, to help you better understand your rights, your child’s rights, and other crucial facts.

Why You Should Strongly Consider Working with Bayside Mediation

Over more than a decade in operation, the team at Bayside Mediation has grown as we’ve continued to develop effective strategies for allowing couples the space to be heard and understood without flaring tempers. A solution reached through mediation can be faster, less costly, and far less stressful than turning to the courts. Discover more about your family’s options today when you contact us for more details

Seeking Out Financial Mediation Services?

When a relationship breaks down, it’s often necessary to employ financial mediation services to separate money and property. With over 10 years of experience, Bayside Mediation provides reliable mediation services for those looking for a just and equitable separation of assets. Our mediation rooms and experienced Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioners help you reach agreement on dividing your assets to the satisfaction of both parties and the Court.

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Why Trust Bayside Mediation with Your Financial Mediation Services in Melbourne

Our quality mediation makes all the difference in stressful separations.

  • Reduce Adversity: High levels of conflict make issues more challenging to resolve sensibly. Our services are not counselling. We focus on solutions that comply with the requirements of the Family Law Act rather than the emotions of the situation. We help you understand relevant legal principles, develop options and reach agreements.
  • Focus on Relevant Facts: often conflict is unnecessarily fuelled by discussions that are grounded in emotions and not relevant to a just and equitable split of the assets of your relationship. We guide you through a conversation grounded in the framework set up by the Family Law Act which helps you remain fact and future focused.
  • Quality Facilities: Our rooms are designed to be relaxing and welcoming. While we encourage clients to speak to each other directly, sometimes private one on one time with your mediator is necessary. We have individual rooms designed specifically for break-out spaces during a mediation session. We also offer shuttle mediation which is mediation in separate rooms with staggered arrival and departure times to help those clients with safety concerns.
  • Consultation: If you’re unsure whether mediation is for you, we can help you decide with a free 30-minute telephone consultation. The mediator you speak to will be the one to help you throughout your case.

Benefits of Financial Mediation Services From Bayside Mediation

Legal avenues can be costly and timely, which is one reason mediation is the preferred starting point for financial resolutions.

  • Disclosure of Information: Most financial mediations start with ascertaining and valuing the asset pool of the relationship, as well as a discussion about the history of financial and non-financial contributions. You will need to share with each other documents relating to these things – this is called “discovery” or “disclosure”. Providing full and frank financial disclosure is a legal requirement and we guide you through this process quickly and efficiently. Honesty and transparency is necessary, there may be serious legal consequences if either party fails to provide full and frank disclosure.
  • Save money and minimise the issues in dispute: even if you do not reach final agreement through mediation, it is still going to save you time and money by doing mediation first. Mediation helps narrow the issues in dispute so that if you need legal advice it is only on the issues in dispute, not the issues you have already agreed upon.
  • Quicker Resolution: Avoiding the delays and cost of Court processes is one of the most significant advantages of mediation services. Pursuing a case through the Federal Circuit and Family Courts can take years, and will significantly reduce your asset pool due to legal costs. On the other hand, mediation can be finalised in a matter of weeks, and of course, the legal option is always still available if the mediation does not succeed.
  • Less Conflict, Happier Children: reaching agreement on your financial settlement through mediation is going to result in less conflict, a better co-parenting relationship and therefore happier children.

Bayside Mediation prides itself on a resolution rate of over 80% for family and financial mediation. We are specially trained in handling high-conflict situations and helping you find solutions that are in the best interests of your children and are to the satisfaction of both parties. The importance of amicable financial settlements can’t be stressed enough, especially in the context of the impact on children from inter-parental conflict. We are usually able to get you in for your first meeting within seven days of your first contact. Avoid the stress of litigation and schedule your 30-minute consultation today.