Is Mediation Free ?

  • There are two types of Family Law Mediation Services:
  • Not-For-Profit Organisations and Private Practitioners,
  • The Not-For-Profit services charge a sliding scale depending on the client’s income and these fees can range from $10.00 to approximately $300.00 per hour, Private Mediators generally charge a fixed hourly fee per client which will vary depending on the skill level and experience of the Mediator
  • Generally, only private practitioners will mediate financial settlements
  • Mediation is charged out to both clients, i.e. An amount per hour per client even when you are both present at the same mediation.
  • Mediators generally charge considerable less than Solicitors and it is generally accepted that mediation will cost clients many thousands of dollars less than engaging a Solicitor or going to Court.
  • Private Mediation will generally conclude a matter within weeks whereas engaging a Not-For-Profit Organisation or Solicitors can mean a matter will take months and in some cases years to conclude.
  • If your mediator is also a Solicitor they will generally charge their normal hourly rate.


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