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Bayside Mediation’s experienced mediators sit with you and explain all your options. We offer separating couples an opportunity to explore all avenues. We provide guidance in resolving their Financial & Property Settlements and to determine what’s best in their situation.

We provide answers to the many questions you will have and work with you to help you decide what to do first and where to go from here.

You may not realise it, but there are a number of options open to you when you separate and have financial matters to settle.

Here are some options for Financial Settlements:

  • You can work things out between the two of you. It is wise to have your financial settlement agreement formalised by the courts, so it becomes legally binding
  • You can use Mediation via a Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner FDR mediation is simple and effective. Saving you thousands in legal fees and months if not years, of distress.
  • You can use Collaborative Law. Collaborative law involves solicitors, psychologists, accountants and other allied professionals, making it a long and potentially costly exercise.
  • Lawyer Assisted Mediation. Legally assisted mediation via FDR is where both you and your former partner agree to bring your lawyers into the problem-solving and agreement-making phase. Legally Assisted via solicitors is where you engage barristers (up to three) to help negotiate a settlement. Again, very costly.
  • You can engage Lawyers to negotiate your Financial Settlements for you.  Remember, we have an adversarial legal system, don’t expect your dispute to resolve quickly or amicably.
  • Or you can take your matter to Court and have a Judge make the decision for you. It may take a few years, but you will end up with a decision.
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Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these options is important, to make the right decisions for you and your family. A Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner can help you make the right decisions. At Bayside Mediation we offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation to help you get started in the right direction. For more information about Property and Financial Settlements, go to our Resources and Downloads page

Explore Family Financial Disputes with Financial Settlement Mediation

If you and your spouse are separating and have financial disputes brewing as a part of the separation/divorce, your first step should be to arrange financial settlement mediation with a trusted mediator. The Family Court of Australia encourages couples to attempt to resolve their own disputes through mediation before applying to the Court – with ‘pre-action procedures.’ At Bayside Mediation, we can help you comply with this requirement and also reach a mutually agreeable settlement outside of court—something that will be less stressful, less costly and less contentious for all parties.

What You Should Know about Financial Settlement Mediation

Financial settlement mediation at Bayside Mediation is a cost-effective way of managing and settling financial and property disputes outside the Family Court system. If you and your partner are separating, we can help you through this difficult process in a more welcoming, low-stress and cost effective inexpensive way. Here are a few things to know about our financial settlement mediation:

  • Mediation offers a safe environment: Our goal in any mediation situation is to create a safe and non-adversarial environment where separated partners can have managed conversations conducive to collaboration and agreement that comply with the principles in the Family Law Act. We don’t just want to be a step on the way to the courts; on the contrary, we want to keep your financial settlement matters out of the courts altogether.
  • Mediation provides a way for you to explore your rights: Separating couples often don’t know what their rights or options are when it comes to separation and settlement. We help both parties get on the same page in this regard to ensure that everyone is working from the same level of understanding.
  • Mediation has a high success rate: We are proud to say that our business has a 90 percent success rate. In more than four of every five cases, we help our clients arrive at an agreeable settlement without the costs, hassles or waiting times of the court system.

Prepare for Your Visit to Bayside Mediation

Before you mediate with Bayside Mediation for your financial settlement mediation in Melbourne, you should make sure you feel prepared for the process. Here are three important preparations to check off the list first:

  • Know your rights: As mediators in a Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) practice, we are required to inform our clients about their rights before beginning mediation. For instance, you have a right to confidentiality and a right to complain about our services, if there is any issue with the quality of our work. We must also disclose our qualifications, our fees and more. We will discuss all this information with you at the outset of our services, but always feel free to ask if you have a specific question about your rights.
  • Know what to expect: We outline many details about our services and FDR in general on our FAQ page. Peruse it to learn more about what to expect.
  • Know what you have: Start collecting documents you may need, list things that are important to you, know where to find important documents such as Superannuation Statements and Bank Statements, have an idea what value your assets have. You don’t need certified valuations at this point, but it helps to know what your assets and liabilities are.

Why Schedule a Financial Settlement Mediation from Bayside Mediation?

Beyond the Family Court requirement, choosing financial settlement mediation will provide a faster, more collaborative, less adversarial and more cost-effective means of settling a financial or property dispute. If you are ready for financial settlement mediation in Melbourne, contact Bayside Mediation today to get started.