Property Mediation Services Melbourne

Finding Solutions with Property Mediation Services in Melbourne

We provide property mediation services in Melbourne to help separating couples find the best outcome for their situation. Our services are facilitated by trained and experienced staff. We offer solicitor assisted mediation for complex cases and couples who are struggling to reach a property agreement.

What Sets Bayside Mediation Apart Regarding Property Mediation Services?

Our practice features a team of highly skilled and trained mediators and dispute resolution practitioners.

  • We offer a free initial appointment: You can speak with our experienced staff in a free, no-obligation 30-minute appointment to have your questions about mediation answered. We will help you to understand how mediation can help your situation. The practitioner who you make initial contact with will stay with you until a resolution has been reached and finalised.
  • Our practice has purpose-built mediation rooms: Our practice includes multiple newly-built custom suites to provide a neutral and comfortable setting for mediation, and we are can provide you with an appointment within the week. There is convenient 4-hour parking site within walking distance of our offices.
  • We have a high mediated agreement rate: We have a 98% success rate for achieving a mediated property agreement with couples who use our services. Our mediation services have resulted in more than 80% of couples finalising their separation within 6 months.

We will help you to investigate all avenues of your property settlement to find the best solution.

Benefits of Using a Private FRD service for Property Solicitor Assisted Mediation

We can help you to find legal representation or you can bring your existing solicitor as you benefit from assisted mediation.

  • You can take advice from your solicitor as matters arise: You can immediately find answers to questions that arise when your lawyer is present at the mediation. As you discuss and negotiate property arrangements, your lawyer can offer you legal guidance on agreements which can then be filed in court.
  • Disputes can be resolved in a fraction of the time: Solicitor-assisted mediation can help you to resolve disagreements more quickly than what it would take to find a solution through the court system or using lawyers alone. You will save on cost and time by getting a property dispute resolved quickly, a process which, through mediation, typically takes months rather than the years it may take through court cases.
  • Make agreements enforceable with court orders: Your lawyer can help you with resolutions when you have been disqualified from conventional mediation. With cases in which there are family violence issues, your solicitor can help you to make agreements that are enforceable with court orders.

About Bayside Mediation

We provide purpose-built mediation rooms that offer you a balanced and managed space in which to discuss and negotiate your property settlement. We have a range of services including solicitor assisted mediation to help you settle quickly and get both parties satisfied.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced in family law mediation—let us help you to understand your rights in a safe environment. Contact us today to make an appointment for property or solicitor assisted mediation.


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