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When having a friend with you, helps:

Often #mediations can be stressful times in your life, to help alleviate any anxiety and if both parties are in agreeance a support person can accompany you to your joint #mediation session. Both parties must agree however and if your former partner does not want support people at the #mediation then it cannot happen. Usually if one person has a support person then the other will too, however I have had mediations where only one client had a support person and it work very well.

For the most part people don’t mind and I have had relatives, new spouses and professionals such as accountants support clients in mediation.

It is important to understand the limitations of having a support person with you, they cannot speak for you or on your behalf and they definitely cannot chip in and offer their opinion, so choose your support person wisely. You still need to negotiate with your former partner, with the help of the #mediatior to try to resolve your differences. If you wish to consult with your support person during the mediation you must leave the room to do so. They are there to give moral support and not much else and often it is the simple act of being there that helps an anxious person to relax enough to be able to negotiate their position.


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