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Child Custody and Parenting

Bayside Mediation is a private family law mediation practice, helping parents negotiate the care arrangements for their children without costly legal bills.

Financial and Property Settlements

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner at Bayside Mediation can help you negotiate a settlement quickly, fairly and at a fraction of the cost of using solicitors.

Family Law Mediation

Reach a quick, cost effective, empowered solution for you and your children with the help of a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner at our family mediation practice.

How are we different?

Family Mediation Practice

The Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner you speak with at your initial no obligation 30 minute appointment, is the person who will stay with you until your separation is finalised.

Family Mediation Practice Melbourne

At our family mediation practice, over 85% of our couples reach a mediated agreement (children and/or financial) and go on to finalise their separation within 6 months of first contacting us.

There is plenty of 4hr parking located within walking distance of the purpose built offices at our family mediation practice. And unlike lawyers, we don’t charge for emails or phone calls.

Why Use Family Mediation?

Dianne talks about the importance of understanding your options under Australian Family Law, and why Family dispute resolution should be your first port of call, once you have decided to separate.

As a dedicated Family Law Mediation practice, Bayside Mediation offers clients a different perspective on separation and divorce.

We are a real alternative to using solicitors when separating

We design a process that best suits our clients & their children’s needs.

What next? Contact us  and as soon as one of our specialist FDR Practitioners is available, they will call you back to discuss all your options.

We Specialise in Family Law Matters

Each team member is a qualified Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner, registered with the Attorney General’s Department of Australia. In addition to their training and experience in mediation, they often have other qualifications in family law, corporate law, psychology and conflict management.

Child Access Arrangements

We help parents discuss all aspects of the care and wellbeing of children: schooling, bedtimes, pickups and drop offs, Christmas, birthdays, and guidelines to to establish consistency in parenting even when the parents are separated.

Child Inclusive Practice

We are a child focused resolution practice, following ‘World’s Best Practice’ for Child Inclusive Practice/Mediation, as we support children and help parents make better decisions.

High Conflict & Intervention Orders

Our practitioners have specialist training and experience in managing high conflict situations, or if there is an IVO in place. Our private family mediation practice is designed to provide Shuttle Mediation to help keep everyone safe.

Financial & Property Settlements

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner from Bayside Mediation is trained to help you negotiate a settlement quickly, fairly and at a fraction of the cost of using solicitors.

Solicitor Assisted Mediations

For matters where a solicitor’s advice is needed, we facilitate your solicitor to attend your mediation with you.

60(I) Certificates

Should mediation fail, and your only recourse is to take your dispute to court, as registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, we can issue a 60(I) Certificate allowing your matter to go to court.

Parenting Plans

A working document that acts as a blue print for separated couples. An agreement on how to co-parent. Our practitioners know the difficulties experienced by parents when trying to negotiate this document. We offer support, ideas and solutions for difficult problems.


How does shared custody work? In Australian law we use terms such as ‘access’ and ‘quality time spent with’ rather than ‘custody’. But no matter which term you use, we can help negotiate where children will live after you have separated.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) is registered by the Attorney General’s Department, and has training in Family Law and helping couples separate in a non-adversarial method. An FDRP is the only professional allowed to issue a 60(I) certificate.

Access for Very Young Children

As a child focused resolution practice, we have extensive experience helping parents of infants and very young children to organise access arrangements that put the child’s needs first.

Long Distance Mediations

While it is never easy when a couple chooses to separate, sometimes it is complicated by animosity, an IVO, or partners moving away. That’s why our family mediation practice offers Shuttle, Telephone and Video Mediations.

Consent Orders

As a private family mediation practice, we can help separated couples to formalise their property and financial settlements under consent orders, at a fraction of the cost of using solicitors.


I had one meeting with a solicitor and frankly, it scared me. It felt impersonal and a little too aggressive for me. I can’t thank Alina enough for making what was a very difficult period in my life much easier to deal with and more humane. She managed to diffuse an awkward and hostile situation where I had failed. She has cared for me every step of the way. I have come away from this process feeling very satisfied and optimistic about the future, knowing that the outcomes we achieved were extremely fair to both of us. If you need help in this area, look no further. Google Reviews

Kelly Cigognini

I have sent you a few clients recently and wanted to send you some positive feedback. The clients I have referred to you have felt heard, understood and supported (within reason) and I am grateful for your assistance.

Senior Associate C&T, LS Lawyers

Thank you Alina for today. You have no idea how much you have helped me so far. And I am sure it’s the same for Neethu, she probably don’t realise it yet. Thank you for being genuine and going out of your way to help us. Appreciate it. Worth every penny.

And thank god for choosing child inclusive program. Otherwise we wouldn’t have known the things we learned today about Aman. Anyways a big thank you. Jam

Jamsheed Ali

We thank you for your letter. Your comments in respect of the Husband are noted, and we are pleased to inform you that we have today received an offer of settlement from his lawyers — a positive step indeed. We thank you for your assistance in this matter and will certainly refer you to any of our clients who are seeking to attend mediation before attempting to reach agreement through legal means.


I didn’t know mediation existed until I was in the throws of a divorce. Even though I had lawyers, even they admitted that our mediation sessions drove the process far faster than the court system. Even if you think you are on the same page as your ex, Di and her team will be able to help you articulate your parenting plan and spot the potential issues. Her years of experience can guide you through the system. Do yourself a favour and use this channel rather than the legal one. Google Reviews

Michele Teague

Even though my situation is a very difficult one and we didn’t end up with a successful mediation, I found the process of mediation very helpful. I now understand how access and family law works; our mediator gave me some strategies for dealing with my ex and in the end, I know I have done all I can for my kids.


Dianne worked with us to sort through what was important and helped us put together a Parenting Plan that we both agreed with. It wasn’t easy and we both had to compromise; but in the end, we have an agreement that puts our children’s needs first.  Thank you so much 


Dianne is warm and approachable. She is thoroughly professional and fantastic at “de-jargonising” all aspects of the law which apply to property settlement, ensuring that both parties are reassured with a full understanding of the process. She has a gift for making sure each party feels heard in a safe, unbiased arena and keeping negotiations on track.