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Trusted Partners

Men’s Support Organisation

Child Access Expert

Child support calculator

Stepfamily support

Men/Father Support

Online Safety

Family Violence Resource Centre

Family Violence Referral Service

Men's Support Group

A blended families support group

Step/blended Family’s Website

Family Violence Resources

An App to Log Family Violence

Sophie Russell Psychology

Sophie Russell
0411 644 426

Catherine Hogan

Live Life Psychology
(03) 9578 5522

Live Life Psychology

Amanda Ferrucci
(03) 9578 5522

Live Life Psychology

Anne Muscatello
(03) 9578 5522

Parenting After Separation

Intelligent Parenting

Lisa Stafford

AJ Stafford Property Services

Matt Jackson

Vendor Advocate
0408 558 203

Kelly + Fitzgibbon

Certified Property valuations
9596 0000

Andre Pereira

Bright Property Advocates
0468 870 733

Gabby McDonald


Sallyanne Hartnell


Our Family Wizard

Our Children

Spreadsheets for Separated Families

Legal Transfers Conveyancing

03 9555 0936

Accessible Conveyancing

03 7002 6222

Mary O’Brien Counselling

Couples and Marriage Counselling (Carlton).
0409 843 832

Suzie Norwood

Marriage and Relationship Counselling
0417 115 541

Barbara Lach

Couples and Marriage Counselling (Carlton).
0418 763 180

Anne Muscatello

Moving Mindsets Psychology Clinic
0417 126 204

The Three Seas

The Three Seas
9809 1000

4thought Psychology

4thought Psychology
9530 8773

Helpful Downloads

Books To Help Children Understand

A List of recommended books for children aged 2 – 16 years

Property and Financial Settlements

Common Questions and Principles of Property Settlement 

What is Child Inclusive Mediation?

Benefits, Questions and Principles of Child Inclusive Mediation and Child Focused Practice

Questions for Solicitors

Some Useful Questions to ask about Finance & Children

Separated, but living under one roof

FLC Fact Sheet – If you and your spouse lived in the same home during the required separation period, you need to provide extra information to the Court

UN Rights of the Child

All children have the same rights. These rights are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

FLC Financial Settlement

Information for people considering applying to the Family Court for financial orders

What is Family Dispute Resolution

Enables separating couples to engage in a process which provides a practical, non-adversarial approach to resolving Family Law disputes

FLC Parenting Plans

Information about the pre-action procedures required before starting a court case

Why Use Mediators

The Pros and Cons of Mediation and Going to Court

Private Mediators vs Not for Profit

Why would a solicitor recommend a client use a not-for-profit Family Law Mediation

Childrens Reaction To Separation

An Age-by-Age Guide to What Children Understand

Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement?

We explain the difference between Consent Orders and a Binding Financial Agreement

Protecting Children from Conflict

Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D shares 10 ways to protect your kids from the fallout of a break-up

Parenting Arrangements for Very Young Children

Information to assist you to negotiate parenting arrangements for children in the 0-4-year age group