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Separate Smarter

Separations are difficult, emotional, legal processes that require the help of a Family Law professional with knowledge and expertice to help you through it.

If you have separated or are thinking of separating, you and your former partner will need to discuss some practical issues that concern your children and/or your assets like property and debts. Some of the things you might need to look at are:

  • Who will care for your children and where will they live
  • How will you share the care of your children
  • Who is going to continue to pay outstanding bills, mortgage/rent or debts
  • Which one of you will stay in the house
  • What will happen to the house, car, furniture, and other property.

No matter how amicable, or otherwise, you might be, you may not be able to agree on all these things at the time of separation. That is when a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (Family Law Mediator) can be very helpful, we can help you separate smarter.

The Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia, with the Separate Smarter initiative, is requiring couples to use mediation or conciliation to try to resolve their parenting arrangements and property/financial settlements before they can take their disputes to Court. It is now mandatory to attempt mediation (if it is safe to do so) before you can make an application for Court.

Family Dispute Resolution, often referred to as Family Law Mediation is a legal alternative to using lawyers. In fact, we take the place of two lawyers for a fraction of the cost of one. FDR Mediation is confidential. FDR mediators are neutral and impartial, although we are required to advocate for the best interests of any children of the relationship. A private FDR Mediator who is registered with the Attorney Generals Department, is authorised to issue mediation certificates, and can draft parenting and financial agreements that can be written into Consent Orders.

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By engaging with Bayside Mediation :

You are satisfying the FCFCOA’s requirement to mediate.

You are resolving your separation in weeks or months rather than months or years. You are saving thousands of dollars in legal fees. You are working with the most experienced FDR team in the country. You are protecting your children from the trauma of the Court.

Bayside Mediation offers Child Inclusive Process which provides our clients with the opportunity for their children to have a voice in their parenting arrangements. Using only qualified psychologist and counsellors our Child Inclusive Process is a safe, neutral space for children to be heard; and help parents identify what they can do to support their children and make better parenting decisions.

At Bayside Mediation we support our clients from separation to settlement, our experienced, knowledgeable and understanding FDR Mediators, work with you from that first phone call, until your separation is finalised.