Avoiding the Pain, Drain and Heartache: Discover the Power of Family Law Mediation

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Avoiding the Pain, Drain and Heartache:

Discover the Power of Family Law Mediation

The Costly Court Conundrum: A Path to Be Avoided


Expensive legal disputes can be a mentally, emotionally and financially taxing ordeal. The usual path of engaging solicitors with the view of going to court when a couple decides to separate, can result in drawn-out negotiations, escalating disagreements, and seemingly endless costs. Importantly, this choice has the potential to negatively affect everyone’s emotional health and wellbeing, particularly kids.


The Emotional Cost:

Family Law legal disputes can be emotionally draining, often taking years to resolve and heightening hostilities between parties, causing already fractured relationships to suffer even longer-term repercussions.


Financial Stress:

Even the shortest of solicitor negotiated settlements will cost you thousands of dollars. During litigation and subsequent court hearings, legal bills can add up quickly, burdening both parties with legal fees that could have been better used to invest in their individual futures, not their solicitors. In Australia it is commonly accepted that a family Law matter that goes to a final hearing (where you go to court and stand in front of a Judge) can take years and cost in excess of $100,000.00


Family Law Mediation: A Path to Resolution



A different strategy, one that places more emphasis on negotiation and compromise, rather than demands and conflict, is provided by Family Dispute Resolution (family law mediation). FDR Mediation offers a safe and managed space for couples to negotiate their parenting arrangements and financial settlements with support and compassion. Family Law Mediation has a long history of providing separating couples with a legal alternative to using solicitors when they separate. For more than 60 years FDR has been an option in Australia and Family Dispute Resolution is now a compulsory requirement for most separating couples.


Proven Process:

FDR Mediation is a good will based conversation that is focused on the future not the past. That does not mean only amicable couples should try mediation.  With the right FDR mediator, you can be supported and helped through the most difficult of separations.  FDR Mediation enables both parties to express their concerns and expectations in a safe and managed environment with the view of reaching agreements that both parties can live with; there should be no win at all costs, scenarios in family law mediation.


Emotional Well-Being:

By avoiding the antagonism frequently present when dealing with solicitors and during court proceedings. FDR mediation helps protect everyone’s emotional health, especially children who are particularly sensitive to their parents’ disputes.


The Role of Accredited FDR Mediators



Successful mediations are determined by appropriately qualified and experienced FDR practitioners. With the right training they can assist couples navigate the difficult conversations and reach agreement. A good mediator will ensure that both views are heard and respected and that workable solutions are reached.


Facilitators who maintain objectivity:

FDR Mediators (unlike all other mediators) are required to be confidential and impartial in their dealing with clients.


Facilitating Agreements:

Accredited FDR mediators assist in finding common ground and facilitating fruitful communication, they provide information and guidance.  They help both parties understand their rights and obligations. They ensure the agreements reached are in the best interest of the children of the relationship and are legally compliant.


Taking the first Step towards Resolution



The first step on your path to resolution and settlement is to research and find a qualified and experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. One, who you feel has the skills and expertise needed to help you and your former partner negotiate an equitable solution to your issues, both parenting and financial. You can only do that by talking with the FDR mediator you are thinking of using.


Family Dispute Resolution is Compulsory:

No matter where you start in your separation journey, most likely, at some point you will need to engage in FDR Mediation. It is up to you whether it is at the start of the journey or months or even years into it.


Familiarise Yourself With all Forms of Mediation:

Anyone can call themselves a mediator, sad but true. Only Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are registered with the Attorney Generals Department and have the training and expertise needed to be a reliable and legal alternative to using lawyers.




The road to divorce doesn’t have to be paved with disagreement, arguments and expensive court battles. FDR Mediation is a clear alternative, a choice you can make. You can put your children’s wellbeing ahead of the hurt, anger and argument. Put you own piece of mind ahead of the cost and consequence of litigation. Take the first step towards a more amicable future. Contact us right away if you need advice, details, or just want to talk.



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