Parenting Arrangements

Experienced Mediators Helping with Parenting Arrangements

A family dispute resolution practitioner can assist with negotiating parenting arrangements and make the process smoother. Our company employs a host of experienced and accredited mediators and psychologists who help separating couples to find a parenting plan that is in the best interest of their child.

The Importance of Using Bayside Mediation Regarding Parenting Arrangements in Melbourne

We help parents to agree on a parenting plan without the costly legal bills. Why turn to us?

  • You are required by law: You are required to attempt Family Dispute Resolution regarding parenting arrangements before applying to attend court under the Family Law Act 1975. We provide a neutral space with experienced mediators who can help you to negotiate a parenting plan that focuses on the best interests of your children.
  • We are a child-focused resolution centre: We are invested in achieving positive outcomes for our clients and their children. Our process of mediation helps separating parents to transition to a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the children and works for both parties.
  • We work to minimise family breakdown and distress: Our staff fully supports our clients to make the mediation process as smooth as possible with minimal distress. Your parenting plan can be as comprehensive or informal as you desire. We will help you to implement a positive co-parenting arrangement that can evolve as circumstances change.

What You Can Expect from Bayside Mediation Regarding Parenting Arrangements in Melbourne

At Bayside Mediation in Melbourne, you can expect the following.

  • Our mediation suites are custom-built: Our custom-built mediation rooms provide you with a neutral and discreet managed space where you can discuss your differences and negotiate a parenting plan. These suites are designed to provide a comfortable and safe space where separated parents can meet with practitioners to arrange a parenting plan.
  • We have experienced staff: Our staff are highly trained and experienced in family law and mediation practices. We have experience working with parents in high conflict. Our practice has a more than 85% success rate for couples reaching a mediated agreement.
  • We offer child inclusive mediation: Where appropriate and only with children who are old enough, we offer child inclusive mediation. Your child will work with a trained mediator of your choice. They will engage with your child in age-appropriate play and conversations to help the child feel safe to share their feelings and experiences. Our primary concern in every session is your child’s wellbeing and we will advocate for them throughout the process.

Why Trust Bayside Mediation?

Our team of family dispute resolution practitioners offers extensive knowledge and experience that has resulted in successful mediated agreements for many family situations. We will help you to understand your rights in a safe environment and produce a parenting plan that respects the Family Law Act. Our staff works with each client with minimal distress and we put the needs of the child first. Contact us today to arrange an appointment at our mediation suites.


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