Resolving Family Disputes With Empowerment And Respect: The Bayside Mediation Way

Bayside Mediation offers Family Disputes Services

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Providing Expert Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services in Melbourne and Victoria for Property, Parental, and Child Custody Disputes.

Family Group Conferencing (FGC) is a unique and effective approach to resolving family issues and concerns. Unlike traditional approaches, FGC is a family-led decision-making process, where parents and extended family members, agencies, school representatives, health and medical professionals, and anyone who is an important person in the child’s life come together to discuss concerns about the child/ren. Bayside Mediation offers FGC services as part of its family mediation services in Melbourne, Victoria.

In FGC, the facilitator plays an important role in managing the conversation and ensuring that all attendees have the opportunity to express their thoughts. One of the primary principles of FGC is that the voice of the young person must be heard when decisions are being made that affect them. This is crucial for creating a positive and lasting change in the life of the child. Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are trained to ensure that the voice of the child is heard and respected during FGC.

Another key principle of FGC is the importance of drawing on kinship networks to support the child. When a child’s primary caregivers are in need of additional support, FGC provides an opportunity for the family to make decisions on how best to keep the child safe or create lasting positive change. Our experienced mediators can assist you with property settlement mediation, parental mediation, and child custody mediation, as well as provide you with separation information and financial settlement services.

During FGC, the family can have the opportunity to privately develop a plan addressing the concerns raised. The facilitator may also assist the group in developing a plan if required. The plan will identify what needs to be done, by whom, and when those actions will be taken. All participants must agree to the plan and will receive a signed copy, along with a 60i certificate that can be used in court, if needed.

Finally, the family and facilitator will agree on a time to review the progress of the plan and the actions agreed to. This follow-up is essential to ensure that the agreed-upon plan is working and to make any necessary adjustments. Our mediation services in Melbourne can help you resolve family disputes in a respectful and cooperative manner, avoiding costly and time-consuming litigious avenues.

Overall, FGC empowers families to make decisions about how best to keep their children safe or create lasting positive change. It is a valuable tool for families seeking support and can be a beneficial alternative to traditional legal processes in family disputes. If you are in need of family mediation services in Melbourne or Victoria, Bayside Mediation is here to help.


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