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Approach Child Custody Disputes on Neutral Ground and Professional Aid

When members of a family must come to terms with the difficult questions that surround child custody disagreements, emotions can run high and what is truly the best way forward can become lost in the mix. In practically every scenario, however, it is better to work to resolve these disagreements without engaging lawyers and seeking court-ordered remedies that may prove even more disruptive. In fact, that is why the Family Law Act of 1975 requires families explicitly first to pursue a solution through child custody mediation. Melbourne parents who find themselves at an impasse must attempt these solutions first. At Bayside Mediation, we provide a safe, neutral ground for efforts to resolve access arrangements without judicial intervention.

What Sets Bayside Mediation Apart in Working on Child Custody Arrangements?

Why consider coming to speak with one of our mediators? Consider our key differences:

  • We understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to mediation, and that every case may require a different set of “tools” to work towards a positive outcome for all involved.
  • We work faster and aim to provide a more valuable service for our clients. Understanding that legal remedies can often be expensive and time-consuming, we work to provide an alternative as required by the Family Law Act that is responsive and more financially friendly.
  • Our level of experience and training allows us to stand out and provide more versatile assistance for contending with even very challenging cases. We field a team with a deep level of experience that often stretches into decades for some of our practitioners. As a result, working on issues relating to child custody and parenting is what we do best.

Together we can work to untangle complicated emotions and situations for a better outcome.

What You Can Expect from Bayside Mediation When Developing a Parenting Plan

Separating couples often have many questions about the mediation process; here’s what you can expect:

  • Neutral, independent input; we listen carefully to each side of the story, and we are not advocates for one position over another. Instead, we seek to provide the information and understanding necessary for our clients to clearly, concisely, and kindly express their points of view to one another. Many times, the true facts of a situation become murky due to emotional arguments, but the neutral ground can provide clarity.
  • Child-inclusive and child-focused mediation. With parental consent, a specialist member of our team engages with your child, and using age-appropriate strategies and play we seek to understand their perspective, of their life and the impact their parents separation is having on them. We firmly believe that children’s rights are to be respected and that their thoughts and feelings should be considered in child custody arrangements in Melbourne.
  • Encouragement and the support necessary to allow yourself to be heard. While we do not favour one parent’s point of view over the other, we do make an effort to ensure that both parents feel heard and understood.

The History of Bayside Mediation

As you consider your options for mediation, you might find it helpful to learn more about us first:

  • Founded in March of 2013 by Dianne Loveday, we began with the goal of assisting separated and separating couples in finding equitable resolutions to their disputes. Our mission has remained the same ever since, even as our family of practitioners has grown.
  • Over our years of operation, we’ve seen how vital neutral ground can be in coming to agreements; it helps to defuse many tense situations while allowing space for individuals to be heard. To that end, we built mediation suites designed to accommodate these needs.
  • We encourage clients to remain future focused. You are stepping into a new stage of your life and we are here to guide you through that life transition with minimal disruption to you and your children. Learning to co-parent takes time, we provide the support and information you need to help with the transition and to build a solid foundation for you and your children’s future.

Don’t Miss the Benefits of Working with Bayside Mediation

Avoid the difficulties and added expenses of going to court for parenting orders when you could instead seek potential solutions another way. At Bayside Mediation, we provide a private Family Dispute Resolution service an alternative, in which both individuals can feel heard and respected. Contact us today to share details of your situation with our team.


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